Web Design

We design websites for corporate, non-profit and individual customers. Our sites use the latest technologies and support all modurn browsers.

We also offer complex web solutions such as Webstores, Blogs, Forums and content-management-solutions.

All our designs feature:

  • Responsive design using the latest technologies

  • Analytics data collection & cookie policy

  • Social media integration

Content Management System (CMS)

Sometimes, you just want to manage your site, yourself. We use the latest content management technologies to give you the tools you need to edit your website.

Social Media Integration

Want to direct your visitors to contact you via social media or want to display your latest social media posts on your site? We can help you with that. We develop sites that can directly integrate with Facebook, Messanger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

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We are always on hand to tweak

At JH96, we understand that some sites are never 100% complete. With all our designs we include a period that allows for tweeking and making changes. We also offer a service contract service, that keeps us on-hand to make your tweeks for you.

We would love to work with you...

A few examples of our work

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